Pioneers +

Pioneers+ is a monthly subscription that offers entry level co-working space and amenities for local artisans, college students, small business owners, and remote workers. We have a sliding scale monthly subscription model that enables members to empower one another. Members pay for their monthly subscription at the amount of their financial ability.

When you join Pioneers+ you are supporting and empowering our artisan community which is predominately composed of working women and people of color. Every vendor represented in our marketplace is able to receive a Pioneers+ membership through the support of other subscribers. The investment of your membership goes directly to supporting our artisans, who use their membership to grow 50+ Durham based small businesses.

  • First month free
  • Access to Upper Room co-working space
  • Exclusive discounts on merchandise
  • 15% off cafe items including herbal infusions, teas, speciality coffee, and baked goods
  • 2 hours/per month full space booking for our Upper Room flex-space - great for parties, gatherings, and un-ticketed events
  • Significant discount on booking the Upper Room for ticketed events
  • Bottomless drip coffee
  • Daily liturgical offerings
  • Monthly entrepreneurship + business workshops